12th September Mercantile voyages on the world stage: The shadow of Machiavelli in Francesco Carletti’s literary creation of a shared global ethics.

Savonarola’s censure of the earthly, task-oriented art of prudence, and the resulting praise of the same virtue as the traditional Christian value that subordinates human common good to the honour of God, initiated a debate destined to continue mostly unabated for nearly five centuries. Emblemized in Machiavelli’s Prince, in the Age of Discoveries this dispute […]

8th August – The culture and politics of Frenchness in Australia, c1890-1914

My research concerns the linking of local and regional history to the macro economic and political aspects of global history. I do this through the study of cultural encounters and moments of cultural conflict. This presentation is an overview of my two main related research projects and is framed by the overarching narrative of my work. My […]

13th June – Goal directed persuasive discourse: contrasting televised business pitches in Spanish and English

Research in applied linguistics has long examined spoken discourse in varied domains including business presentations which have been studied widely from a discourse perspective. Less widespread, in the business domain is the analysis of televised spoken media discourse. The study explores how persuasion works in goal oriented discourse in the media, on television in particular. […]

9th May – Visual literacy in adult English language teaching: An exploration of educators’ interpretations, experiences and beliefs

With the emergence of modern ways to access information, traditional concepts of literacy have departed from an exclusive focus on the written word to recognise the significance of visual representations in language education.  However, although contemporary scholars, educational designers and policy makers have become interested in exploring visual literacy within language learning, explicit discussion on […]

14 MARCH — Sexual harassment in Japanese politics and the limitations of the law

In 2016 in Japan, three women were appointed to politically powerful and historically significant positions. Koike Yuriko became the first female governor of Tokyo, Renho Murata became the leader of the opposition party, the Democratic Party, and Inada Tomomi became only the second woman to lead the Ministry of Defense. Despite these gains, the Japanese […]